3 Tips to Finding Good Orphanage Volunteer Programs Working in Cambodia

Good and bad orphanage volunteer programs are in existence all over the world. Today, many crafty business owners have mastered their market. They have intricate knowledge to allow them answer any concern you may have, use the right buzzwords and capitalize with the right pictures. However, you can easily avoid such businesses by implementing the recommendations below to find orphanages that are doing good work.



It is vital that you learn where your money goes. When a program simply posts “donate to the project,” stop and investigate further. A single sentence is not a good enough answer to your queries that means that you should give them your money. Find out from the principle managers how much of your money is going where and what it is used for.

Use the internet and look for volunteer reviews. Become familiar with several review databases, but be aware that the business owner can pose as a client and give a glowing review. On the other hand, a competitor might take the opportunity to post unflattering comments about a genuine Cambodia volunteering opportunity. After some time, you will eventually learn how to spot the real from the fake reviews and in particular if you find the same review in several sources. Carrying out research does eventually pay off.

Talk to Individuals Involved

Make sure that you have an honest chat with the volunteer program’s management. Find out more about what the volunteers are expected to do. Again, a simple one-sentence reply like “helping children” is not sufficient. Some of the questions you need to ask include:

  • Do you teach the children?
  • What lessons do you teach the children and how are the lesson plans structured and reviewed?
  • Do you have full-time teachers as part of your staff?

“Helping children” can also cover anything from offering volunteer medical services to sports activities. At the end of your conversation, you should have a precise picture of what is expected of you as a volunteer.

If possible, get in touch with a few locals. If your Cambodia volunteering program involves living with a host family, find out who they are. Some programs put up their volunteers in hotels, speak with the manager and understand more about the area you will be working in.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

If you love caring or teaching children, find volunteer opportunities that offer long-term programs in known orphanages. However, if you cannot commit yourself to several months of volunteer services, consider providing professional services like pediatric care for physicians. Another option is working in day-to-day projects that involve light construction or gardening, for example.

Involvement Volunteer Association Inc. (IVI) was started in 1989 in the UK and offers several programs in over 40 countries around the world including Cambodia. As a non-profit organization, IVI partners with aid agencies, host families, and local organizations to offer much-needed services to orphanages around the globe. In the 26 years it has been in the industry, IVI offers volunteer opportunities to corporate professionals, retirees, groups, disaster relief parties, travellers and gap year students. The programs are designed to cater to all types of experiences, budgets, and needs.

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Enjoy Blissful Weddings and Honeymoons in the Koh Samui

After taking the vows and saying “I do”, every couple longs to break away from the gathering of guests and in-laws to retire in a quiet and private space of their own. There are many places and hotels that offer a perfect getaway for the tailormade weddings on the island of Samui along with honeymoons for the newlyweds.

tailormade weddings on the island of Samui

However, the ones looking out for some exotic and unique place to celebrate the beginning of their new life, should head right to The Library. It is perfect for tailormade weddings on the island of Samui along with the subsequent honeymoons. Located on the silvery sandy shores of the Chaweng Beach, the hotel offers breathtaking view of the sea and allows lounging around in well maintained gardens.

As a perfect honeymoon resort, The Library has special treats for the couple. To begin with, it is easy to put up in their Smart Studio room that is amongst the upper floor accommodations. This room has a balcony that overlooks the sea as well as the landscaped gardens. It is easy to snatch quiet moments on the deck over a hot cup of tea or a refreshing drink. The room is tastefully decorated with art furnishings and has minimal furniture to keep it uncluttered and spacious.

The Library – A Smart Studio room has custom made king size bed, spacious bath tub with rain shower, iMac with broadband internet connection, individually controlled air-conditioning, 42 inch plasma TV with a DVD player, in-room refreshment and bar and a digital safe box to store your valuables. The room provides all the privacy, peace and comfort needed for honeymooners.

The Library resort has many facilities to use to make your stay comfortable and memorable. The Page restaurant offers authentic Thai food as well as international fusion cuisine. The Bench Bar serves over 101 unique and interesting drinks and cocktails, teamed up with tasty savories and snacks. The Red Pool is a mesmerizing swimming pool fitted with yellow-orange-deep red mosaic tiles that gives a brilliant hue to the pool water and is just a few steps away from the sandy beach of Chaweng.

It is easy to order snacks and drinks from The Bench Bar after a refreshing dip in the pool. There is The Lib that is a store that stocks memorabilia to purchase as well as a good collection of books and CDs for you to borrow and enjoy during your stay. The Fit is fitness center where you can have a quick aerobic workout or indulge in serious bodybuilding with their state of art equipment.

Novelty ideas to keep the guests happy are another forte of this resort. Everybody has breakfast in bed or room. However, this resort has Breakfast Culture that is quite unique. A guest can enjoy breakfast out of the room right on the serene sands of the beach.

Crisp white mattresses are laid out on the beach and one can just laze around and enjoy hot, fresh breads and pastries, tasty savories and finest blend of tea and coffee served to you at the spot. Another idea is Tea by Sea where you can enjoy the lullaby of waves and breathe in the fresh crisp air while you are being served aromatic tea accompanied by variety of savories, delicate pastries, sandwiches, fruits, scones etc.

As newlyweds who are on their way to a long life together, it is befitting that they pamper themselves before starting the journey of life. Rest assured The Library resort at Koh Samui is the best place to have a memorable honeymoon. Looking for tailormade weddings on the island of Samui or some blissful honeymoon in Thailand? Don’t forget to check this out http://www.thelibrary.co.th/tailormade-weddings.html.

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The Easy Way to Spot the Perfect Wedding Planner

There is no better place to fall in love and get married than in the “Land of Smiles” . Thailand not only holds the best wedding venues and receptions for couples, but also takes pride in having excellent wedding planners. And if you’re asking, “is there a reputable wedding planner in Thailand?”   – definitely YES and a lot of them too.

Wedding planners are unique professionals because of the fact that they work on both the technicality and sentimental aspect of the wedding. Expect them to have the exact count on materials and accessories of the wedding, the kinds of dishes to be served, how the wedding entrance will go on, what the brides maids will wear and so on. But at the same time, expect them to care – the planners are like fairy god mothers that also weep when the time comes to say “I do”.

For someone about to be married in the country and not very familiar with the processes before the big event, thoughts get puzzled.  Some ask – “how do I get started?” and “is there a reputable wedding planner in Thailand?”. The only way to hire the right professional planner is to know the qualities that the planner should have and shouldn’t have.

1. The wedding planner is also referred to as a wedding organizer, therefore he has to be ORGANIZED. If he cannot organize his thoughts, actions and himself in general, then how could he do that for his clients? Preparing for a wedding requires a person to be detailed from the least important to the most important needs and from there, he has to have the skills to organize all these to create the outcome requested by the clients.

2. It’s not a secret that weddings are all about interaction and socialization; with that, your wedding planner has to be SOCIABLE. Yes, his ideas and knowledge about weddings are excellent but in order for those to be put into action, the planner has to deal with different people and companies. There is the florist, the wedding singer or band, the caterer, the clothes designer and even the family and friends of the soon-to-be husband and wife. He must be able to connect with them so his thoughts and visions turn into reality.

3. Also, the wedding planner you choose must be KNOWLEDGEABLE about the location of the wedding. If it’s a magical Thailand wedding you wish, then he has to know about the country – the traditions, customs and even the law. Being equipped with these information can make the wedding process faster since he will already know where to look for certain things and who to hire for specific services; not to mention, his actions are guaranteed to be more accurate compared to a wedding organizer who has very little idea about the place.

4. Time is the best tool that hones all skills.  As soon as you find an EXPERIENCED planner, you will no longer ask “is there a reputable wedding planner in Thailand?” because you already found him.

For additional details, see Marry Me Thailand and check out their official website at HTTP://WWW.MARRYMETHAILAND.COM/ABOUT-US/.

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Simple Tips in Choosing a Company that Supplies Aluminium Alloy

With modern aluminium alloy processing techniques, it is very easy to find products that will last for a long time. However, you should make the right choice when it comes to a company that supplies aluminium alloy – for you to get the best quality of products in the marketplace. Always remember that not all manufacturers will assure you of the same product quality.

Some manufacturers have been in the market for a long duration of time, supplying client orders. This means that they are in a good position to meet your orders and requirements. Others have even gone the extra length – investing in the latest manufacturing equipments, process innovations, reliability, and design expertise.

Thus, it goes without saying that you are likely to get better quality of extrusion products from some companies and not from others.

Now, here are some simple tips that you can incorporate to determine the best suppliers to work with:

Do they offer you quality assurance?

When trying to achieve a variety of profiles from your aluminium products, it is important to work with companies that offer you quality assurances. Carry out background checks in order to determine if a company has always been committed to maintain the highest of standards, especially in terms of product quality and workmanship.

A company that adheres to top-end manufacturing will assure you of aluminium alloy products with good reliability, durability, and consistency. Such companies also generally invest in various quality control mechanisms with their manufacturing practices, including an extensive testing regime – assuring you that the products you purchase will perform to the best standards in the marketplace.

Check to see if the company has been certified and assessed by various standards assessments bodies as well, ensuring that its manufacturing practice is above board.


Does the company that supplies aluminium alloy have versatility to meet diverse specifications, particularly of the kind that you need? Companies with the most modern equipment, as well as years of manufacturing practice, generally have the expertise to handle the most complex of aluminium alloy specifications.

If you are looking for both quality and reliability in the finished products, it is important to look at the versatility of a company and its systems

In addition, the versatility and the profile range means that a company is always able to meet the most unique specifications they might have – including the quality and the type of finishing. After all, clients have diverse requirements and specifications when shopping for aluminium alloy products.


Pricing is an important consideration when shopping for a company that supplies aluminium alloy. Some companies will even offer you competitive rates and better quality of products, based on the efficiencies added to their manufacturing processes.


Does the company employ ethical and sustainable business practices? There is a business case when working with a company that takes these issues seriously. If a company is not serious about sustainability issues, then you just don’t know what other areas of their manufacturing practice they are not likely serious about.

Other factors that you can look at include the reputation of a  company and the professionalism of its staff. By looking at these factors holistically, it will be possible for you to find a reliable company that supplies aluminium alloy. Visit them online at http://lixil.tostem.co.th/.

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