Use Electric Breast Pump to Express Breast Milk

Being a mother for the first time is a mixed experience where you love being a mother and fear if anything goes wrong! To keep your baby healthy it is necessary to feed him or her with breast milk, but what when you are not around? You can express your milk with the help of an avent electric breast pump that will be useful while you are away from your baby.

avent electric breast pump

With the help of a simple electric breast pump, expressing the milk will be easy and feeding your baby will be easier. However, before you give your baby bottle, wait till they are at least six weeks old.

Utility of an electric breast pump

Moms choose an avent electric breast pump Australia wide as it helps in expressing the milk quickly. It is easy to use and is quite efficient in fulfilling the function of expressing breast milk.

When you have twins or triplets, or you are returning to work, you will need an avent electric breast pump as it will let you extract more milk in lesser time; the best option for a busy mom like you.

You can choose the simple ones or get those with other advanced features like

·         Double pumping features that allow to pump both the breasts at the same time

·         Tailored suction that will be customized as the pattern of your baby’s sucking pattern

·         Adjusting the suction level and

·         Higher number of sucks per minutes.

As they are operated with electricity these function automatically, and you do not have to do anything. Just set the settings and wait. Unlike manual breast pumps, your hands will not ache while pumping. Even the pumping pattern will be even as it is done automatically.

Yes, they may not be very portable and sometimes may be noisy, but the benefit that you get can let you forget these downsides.

Pros and cons of electric breast pumps

When you buy avent electric breast pump, you get the best facility for getting your milk expressed in s few minutes. However, just as it has certain advantages, there are certain disadvantages too.

·         Pros

Compared with manual pumps, you have to put in less effort or no effort

It is a faster way of expressing breast milk than any other method.

There are multiple settings available, and hence they are more comfortable.

There are different models with various features that let you choose the one you need.

·         Cons

They are costly than manual breast pumps

While using they make more noise

Sterilizing them is not simple like manual pumps

Size may sometimes be a matter as they are not portable

Requires electricity for functioning

Features to choose

While you will be choosing an electric breast pump for yourself, be careful about the features that you will need. If you want to express milk quickly, choose one that can pump both the breasts simultaneously. The vacuum should be adjustable so that you can express in comfort. Read more at Mail Order Pharmacy

Apart from these, make sure that you choose an avent electric breast pump that is easy to clean as when it comes to your baby, you should be very careful about hygiene.

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